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Using This Site: Overview and Help

There are multiple methods available for searching and browsing the testimonies in this site, aimed at enabling all users to find relevant materials, regardless of existing knowledge about the history or this collection.

On this page:

Searching and Browsing

Use the search box on the top-right of every page to conduct a general search query. This will run a full-text search of all testimonies, rather than searching for assigned keywords.

When searching you can use single words (with optional wildcards), multi-word phrases, operators, and/or grouping. For more information, please see below.

To find specific German-language words and phrases contained within the testimonies, please visit the Glossary . To search using assigned keywords, such as place names and types of mistreatment, please use the Special Subject Terms area.

Single-Word Search

To conduct a single word search, simply type your desired search term into the Search Box.

A search for report will find all testimonies containing the word "report".

Tip: To broaden your search, you can use single or multiple character ' Wildcards ' (see below).

Wildcard Search

'Wildcards' can only be used in single word searches, not within multi-word searches.

A single character ? wildcard search finds results that match your search term with the single character replaced.

A search for te?t will find all testimonies with the words "test," "tent," or "text".

A multiple character * wildcard search finds results with any number of characters after your search term.

A search for test* will find all testimonies with the words "test," "tests," "tester," or "testing".

Please note: You cannot use a * or ? symbol as the first character of a query.

Multi-Word Search

To conduct a multi-word search, simply surround your desired search phrase with double quotes.

A search for "authentic report" will find all testimonies with the phrase "authentic report".

Search 'Operators'

Operators allow search terms to be combined. To use the operators, insert the words OR, AND, or NOT between desired search terms (operators must be ALL CAPS).

OR - is the default operator. This means that unless you specify another operator, OR is used. The OR operator finds results where either of your search  terms are found.

A search for "authentic report" OR papers will find all testimonies with the terms "authentic report" or "papers". A search for "authentic report" papers will also find all testimonies with the terms "authentic report" or "papers".

AND - finds results where both of your search terms are found.

A search for authentic AND report will find all testimonies with both words "authentic" and report". This will narrow your search and find less results than a search for authentic OR report or authentic report .

NOT - excludes results that contain the specified term.

A search for document NOT papers will find all testimonies with the word "document", but not the word "papers".

Please note: The NOT operator cannot be used with just one term.

A search for NOT papers will not return any results.

Search Grouping

To conduct more complex searches, it is possible to combine the above operators using brackets.

A search for (report OR papers) AND authentic will find all testimonies with either the word "report" or "papers," and the word "authentic".


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