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Other Resources: Travelling Exhibition

The Wiener Library has produced a travelling exhibition on this collection of testimonies and the historical context of the November Pogrom of 1938, which is free to hire.

The Wiener Library has a range of Travelling Exhibitions which have been designed specially for organisations and institutions to educate and inform their own audiences regardless of space and budgets available. The exhibitions incorporate the Library's unique collection into an accessible display to encourage people of all backgrounds to think critically about the issues raised by the Holocaust and genocide.

The exhibition Pogrom - November 1938: Testimonies from 'Kristallnacht' examines the November Pogrom from the perspective of eyewitnesses who recorded their experiences in 1938 and 1939. Some of the voices are raw and angry, some call for help, others are defiant; they evoke the confusion, fear and chaos of the moment-capturing an important escalation in Nazi anti-Jewish terror that would soon lead toward the Holocaust.

Wiener Library: Travelling Exhibition

Arranged across four double-sided panels, the exhibition includes an overview of the events leading to the November Pogrom including key facts, an insight into how the testimonies were gathered, as well as remarkable contemporary photographs and selected quotations from contemporary eyewitness reports.

The exhibition is free to hire but we ask for a fully-refundable deposit of £250. For more information and details on how to hire this exhibition, please visit our website .


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