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Other Resources: Library Website & Social Media

The Wiener Library uses its website and multiple social media accounts to promote this resource and engage digitally with our users on a variety of topics related to our organization and subject matter.

The Wiener Library
The Wiener Library Website 

Our news page contains articles by Wiener Library staff on important Library events, noteworthy visitors, book and website launches, and press releases on subject-related news. News articles related to the project include the following:

Our frequently-updated blog contains posts on a variety of subjects related to our collections and outreach efforts. In addition to promoting and highlighting aspects of the Pogrom - November 1938 project, we post book reviews, opinion pieces, and descriptions of new Library acquisitions, events, and digital projects. Blog posts are written by Library staff, interns, and volunteers. Blog posts related to the project include the following:

Our What's On page features a number of workshops and events related to the Pogrom - November 1938 project. These include the following:

The Wiener Library on Twitter 

Follow us on Twitter (@wienerlibrary) to learn more about Pogrom - November 1938, as well as to keep up-to-date on Library events, exhibitions, and subject-related national/international news. During the month leading up to the launch of the book and website on 11 November 2015, we featured four testimonies on Twitter and Facebook, using the hashtag #Pogrom1938. For four Tuesdays in October and November, we used that opportunity to share quotes, contextual information, images from our collections, and external links relevant to the content of each of the four featured testimonies (B.327, B.166, B.135, B.305).

We will continue to use hashtag #Pogrom1938 in relation to the project and welcome comments, questions, and suggestions via all our social media platforms.

The Wiener Library on Facebook 

Like us on Facebook (/wienerlibrary) to learn more about these testimonies and the important historical context surrounding the events of 9-10 November 1938. As with Twitter, we have used the hashtag #Pogrom1938 to feature four testimonies in the month leading up to its launch.

In addition to promoting this important new resource, we aim to update our Facebook page about once a week with more detailed descriptions of Library events, exhibitions, digital resources, collection highlights, and other Library news.

The Wiener Library on YouTube 

Our most recently developed social media platform is the video-sharing site, YouTube. On our YouTube channel, you can watch a number of short videos made for and about the Library. In addition to the videos below, you can learn about the history of the Library, explore our important collections, and watch Holocaust survivor, Otto Deutsch, give his testimony during a Library event.

In the two videos below, former Wiener Library ARSP volunteer, Kim Wegner, reads Testimony B.327 in both the original German and English translation. The videos were recorded at the Wiener Library and shot and edited by Wiener Library film volunteer, Richard Dunnett.


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