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28th November 1938

In Hilden a businessman aged almost 60 was stabbed during the night of 9th to 10th November, likewise six other Jews, of whom four died and two survived. The stepdaughter was summoned and asked whether her stepfather had already often attempted suicide. Then she was asked if she had seen whom it was, to which she replied, "For the record I do not know whether it was an SS or an SA man or a civilian. For you personally: my neighbour, the hairdresser."

In a Dutch woman's home ten to twelve people were sheltered for one week. The only people not arrested were those who could go into hiding or wander around.

In Siegen in the night of 9th to 10th November, 76-year-old Herr Jacobi was taken away with ten other elderly Jewish men; since then there is no trace of them.

In Düsseldorf the Markus couple, owners of a Jewish café, were shot. The husband was dead immediately, the wife died after two days. [Later handwritten addition: Wife is living in Palestine – wounds healed. Rei[chmann], i.e member of JCIO staff].

Older people have partly been released from the concentration camp, some because of frailty, illness, hernias. A larger number of the imprisoned were taken to the work camp at Brauweiler near Cologne. There an older officer said to them: "Things will turn round. The people who brought you here, will one day themselves end up here."

Cologne. In entire residential streets every single home has been wrecked; not one item, not one chairl, not a cup remains intact. Grand pianos, upright pianos were thrown out of the windows onto the street. The mobs were partly led by "Braune Schwestern“ (who are now working in hospitals in place of the discharged nuns), who showed them which homes should be wrecked.

A 60-year-old man was seriously injured in the presence of his three small children (married late).

In the Urbach settlement near Bonn where youths from 14 to 19 years are trained for agricultural work, everything was wrecked. The younths, some of whom were mistreated, fled and were taken in by farmers.


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