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18th November 1938

According to Herr X. from Düsseldorf, he has learned from reliable sources that the community and, as far as can be determined, a large part of the college of representatives, amongst them Herr Felsenthal senior, Oberlandesgerichtsrat Franken, Herr Louis Elkan, as well as the two rabbis Dr. Eschelbacher and Dr. Klein had all been arrested. Frau Eschelbacher did not want to leave her husband's side and was in a cell at the prison with another Jewish woman who also did not want to be separated from her spouse. Then after some days the two women left the prison. On Tuesday Frau Elkan was allowed to take some clothes to her husband and visit him.

On the 18th November, in the morning edition of the Algemeen Handelsblad, it is stated that Justizrat Löwisohn had been injured. Herr Justizrat Löwisohn has been dead for ten years.

But: opposite the house of Frau Justizrat Löwisohn lies the Karema restaurant, proprietor Herr Marcus. Frau Marcus has an injury to her forehead and was shot twice in the stomach. She was taken over to Dr. Löwenberg who lives diagonally opposite (next door to the house of Frau Justizrat Löwisohn) and who dressed her wounds. Herr Marcus, who had not been at home, heard of the wounding of his wife, rushed to Dr. Löwenberg and was shot and killed on the way. Herr Cohn, aged over 80, proprietor of the household goods firm Schickenberg in Düsseldorf, was driven out by the mob onto the street dressed only in his nightclothes. It is said that even his nightclothes were stripped from his body in the street. One of Herr Cohn's three sons is in hospital with seven knife wounds, a second son is also in hospital with a broken skull, the third son is an office worker in a steel business in Maastricht.

Fräulein … from Düsseldorf, who is staying in Amsterdam on her way to America, stated that an SA man who was forced to take part in the operation declared afterwards that what he was forced to do was so appalling that if he did not have a wife and children he would have committed suicide.

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