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Below are a selection of press reviews on the book and web publications of "Pogrom - November 1928."

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'Night Hope was Shattered'

On 5 November 2015, Keith Kahn-Harris, author of Uncivil War: The Israel Conflict in the Jewish Community published a book review in the Independent entitled 'Night Hope was Shattered.'

"While the structurelessness of the book can be frustrating, it also lends it a terrible immediacy, reflecting the desperate need of German Jews like Wiener to make some sense of what was happening in a country with no free media. The sheer size of the pogrom and the number of people who suffered, is brought alive in a book that refuses to boil down history into an easily digestible narrative. One would not wish all history books to be like this, but we should be glad that this one exists." - Keith Kahn-Harris

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'A Prelude to Horror'

On 3 December 2015, David Robson of The Jewish Chronicle wrote a book review entitled 'A Prelude to Horror.'

"This book is not supposed to be a work of art; it is a work of record. But, had it been intended as a work of art, it could not have been better: the sheer volume of material, published in its original rather random order, the overlapping accounts, evoke as powerfully as anything could what was experienced by so many. It was the prelude to the final reckoning survived by so few." - David Robson

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'Now Available in English: Witnesses of Terror Tell Their Story' (PDF)

In their December 2015 Newsletter, the Liberal Jewish Synagogue (LJS) featured a book and website review entitled 'Now available in English: witnesses of terror tell their story.' The article's author and former LJS President, Bob Kirk, was in his hometown of Hannover, Germany during the November Pogrom in 1938.

"There is much information here, and the editor, Ruth Levitt, must be congratulated for producing a major contribution to studies of the period leading eventually to the Shoah. The real surprise is that it has taken so many years to provide an English translation for a resource for study and teaching which has been available in German in various formats since 1998." - Bob Kirk
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