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Ongoing Translation Work

Learn more about the Wiener Library's volunteer translator programme and ongoing translation work below.

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Testaments to the Holocaust Project

A team of volunteer translators is currently working on the translation of the Wiener Library's eyewitness testimonies from the 1950s. There are approximately 1300 testimonies to be translated of lengths varying from one page to dozens of pages. The vast majority of the original accounts are in German.

If you are highly competent in written German and English and would like to become a volunteer translator, please contact the project manager, Dr Toby Simpson, at

View the Eyewitness Testimony Collection in our Catalogue

Translation Work at The Wiener Library

The Wiener Library frequently receives requests from members of the public looking for translation services. As the project listed above indicates, however, the Library's volunteer translators are fully occupied with translation projects and the translation of high-priority collections. Unfortunately the Library is therefore not able to provide translation services for payment. If you wish to pay for a translation service, you may wish to use the 'Find a Translator' resource provided by the UK Institute of Translation & Interpretation.

If you hold original documents relating to the Holocaust which you cannot read you may wish to donate them to the collection. In such cases, please contact our Archivist, Howard Falksohn, who will be able to do an initial evaluation of the documents, at The Library will then endeavour to provide an English summary of the contents wherever possible, depending on the availability of limited translation resources.


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